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March 15, 2007


paul over at soupablog

count me in!

paul over at soupablog

clarification: i hope to blog daily, so: all of the stations; i'll be doing a visual (non-discursive) reflection on each station and pericope. peace!

Claudia Mair Burney

Sounds amazing! Can't wait. Thanks for the invite, Bob.


I'll do April 2nd.

Thanks. Look forward to it.


I'll do each of the stations of the resurrection, which may be overly ambitious - but it will be a good theme for me these days, and I haven't cracked open a Bible in months, so that won't hurt either.

Thanks for the invite.

Keith Seckel

Hi Bob -- thanks for the invite, and count me in!

I'll do April 6th -- but I'll need to blog it one day late. My wife & I will be facilitating an experiential Stations of the Cross on the evening of Good Friday, so I'll post about it the next day on Easter Eve...

~ Keith


Hi Bob - sign me up for Thursday, April 5th, to post on Jesus Consoling the Daughters of Jerusalem. Thanks! Bowie


hey Bob- I will do April 4, station 6, April 15, Station 2, and May 27, Pentecost. Thanks for organizing this again, I am looking forward to the stations of the resurrection as I have never experienced them before.


Thanks Bob,
I've been looking for a devotional for Lent, I'll be reading and reflecting.
thanks again.

Sarcastic Lutheran

I'm in. I'll do April 6th, station #9, April 22nd (my birthday!) station #4 (I have a tattoo of this scene), and May 27th.

Brother Maynard

I'll do Station #1 & #2 on Monday April 2nd to help kick off. I'm hoping to add in another one or two along the way - will leave another comment if I can be any more definite in advance ;^)

I'm looking forward to following along.

Julie Clawson

Count me in.

Over at, I'll write on
April 1 - Palm Sunday
April 2 - Station 1
April 6 - Station 12
April 8 - Station 1
May 13 - station 9

Thanks for doing this.

Mike Clawson

I'll do today, April 1, Palm Sunday. My blog is

-Mike Clawson


I'll take stations 10 and 14 ... since I'm coming to this conversation late ;-) I'll pick up the later end of it. I'll probably draw out the links between Pentecost and Shavuot ... hope that's okay?

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