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If it's not too late I'll blog on April 14 & 15


I will have stations for the week up.


I would love to do this as well. I will blog the entire week, God Willing!

Tom Webster

I'll be blogging 13 & 14.


i would like to take part as well...


I'll do #2 if you still need people.


Shawn Anthony

I'm doing all the stations too.


Oh ...and 2 as well.


I'll do 6, 10 and 11. Thanks Bob.


I'll do station 5, and more if I can.


Put me down for #5 & #7.


U2 Sermons will do station 4.

Ron Ballew

Sounds good I'm willing to blog on stations 9 and 10.


I'll do the whole week.

Jean M. Heimann

I will blog on stations 3 and 4.

God bless you!

Mike DeVries

I'll definitely join in for the experience. I'll shoot for #11-14. Thanks for putting this together. Blessings.


Bob - Thanks for organizing this - my sister and I will be blogging the whole week on my blog.

Joseph Terrebonne

I would like to blog the entire week. I am new to blogging so you may have to assist me with putting up the tags and image... not sure, perhaps I already know how to do it and just don't know it. And, to put your mind at ease, in spite of the levity of my blog, I will stay true to the Via Crucis tradition. I enjoy making people laugh but this will be such an awesome contrast. I am really looking forward to some serious reflection and journaling.


I will blog on 3 and 4 and carry links the whole week. What a cool way to share Holy Week with the Body of Christ.


I will do 4 and 5.


I will blog the week.


I'll do Station 8.

Mark W.

Please add me for #10.


I'll do 4.

Excuse my bloggy idiocy but is a tag the same thing as a link?

Jonathon Norman

count me in for wed- friday of holy week.

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