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August 10, 2004



here's some generic info:

i need snail mail addresses for folks who haven't yet mailed them.

i will be putting the blog tour on the stumbling toward faith site, and linking to each post as it happens....

september 23-27 i will be inaccessible, so those days definitely need to be planned out ahead of time.

thanks to all of you! i love you -- and bob, you are amazing, thank you so much for your belief in this.

Bald Man

FYI - I got my copy in the mail via UPS today! Tonight my wife and I fight for first dibs!


hooray! i'm glad it's getting to folks.

Bene Diction


I've had a lot of trouble accessing the links you sent me Bob, was only able to get through once. Anyway, here I am. Last I saw the schedule BDBO up for today, so I posted as best I could.
I let Renee know via her blog I thought today was her day.
I wish you and the book well. Blog on!

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