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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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I prefer the family with mom which is not rich but ample in my heart.

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On your situation, you must be understood by everybody in your environment. You are too sensitive in many things because of your illness. I feel so pity in your situation now.

Bob Carlton

God is good...all the time. And all the time...God is good

Mary Hess

You're in my prayers! And if you haven't read Parker Palmer on his struggles with depression, it might not be a bad thing to read...

Stephen Kinney

I love you Bob. Hang in there and know I'm sloshing you in prayer.

Tony Jones

Hang in there, friend. May God's Spirit reconcile you...

Mike Croghan

Bob, this was me last year - nine months of anxiety and depression after nine years of relative normalcy, that I had hoped might be permanent. In the tenth month, I got better. We usually do, I guess, though "better" may be temporary. But a good friend of mine who is also a kickass psychiatrist recently told me that mental illness usually gets less severe, on average, with age. Not that any of that makes it much easier to find comfort or hope when you're in the midst of this crap.

Anyway, asking God's presence in your life right now.



my hope joins with yours, as one who knows of what you speak. you are--deeply--loved.

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