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Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Bob, we'd like to invite you to become one of our Authors in Alexandria.

You may mirror your existing posts from here or elsewhere or produce original posts there, on anything you wish, as you desire. For your contributions and participation we will blogroll you with no reciprocation required. See our Guidelines for Authors for full details.

Come contribute your perspectives and opinions to the ongoing conversations there or, even better, start new ones of your own. Contact us through the site for full invitations and instructions.

Ron Stone

I would guess I'm quite a bit older than you and fear has really reared its ugly head recently with so much bad stuff going on around us. Worse is all the doomsayers predicting well, doom. The scary thing is, I believe them. So fear is with everyone but I have found that the best way to deal with it is head on. For example, I am totally focused on preparing for armegeddon by becoming as self-sufficient as possible. If it doesn't happen, life will be good. If it does, life will be very tolerable if not good. Good luck on dealing with yours.

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