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Sunday, March 08, 2009



Fribiz is the first ever social marketplace, where users can win real and exciting products just for being themselves! It is a new startup that lets users bid for free products using virtual credits called "fribiz". Users can begin to earn fribiz credits the moment they register using a variety of methods including: inviting friends, participating in auctions or missions and interacting with Fribiz business partners.

Fribiz was founded and is managed by Effi Fuks and Yaniv Shimony on June 2010, and was develops and designed by Lionite. Fribiz's customer service is located is located in Ann-Arbor, Michigan, USA, while its development team is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Fribiz sets itself apart from the countless other online auction sites in that it integrates with the Facebook social network to create a social bidding experience. This innovative format is a first and may setup Fribiz apart from its Rivals. However, only time will tell if this approach is successful.

Check it out here!

The products that users can win are top notch and include Mafia Wars Gift Cards and Ipads.


a very moving post - I love the way you used so many symbols to bring us home to your main point.

Barbie at CPB

Barbie is a world renowned figure and a popular toy competing with Hello Kitty and Bratz. :]

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