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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Barbara McWilliams

Greetings~ Dear Ones,
Some of you are to young to remember what the 70’s movement was really all about. There was a major recession in the early 70’s and there were so many of us (baby boomers) there just wasn’t enough to go around.
Everything: housing,food & transportation needed to be saved, shared and recycled. The real hippie movement (conservatives of the time, mocked & distorted the truth)was really a large recession response. Our clothes were ragged and funny (from mending & patching) however they were cleaned w/biodegradeable products, we shared housing, food (grown in our own gardens) & transportation/hitch hiking.
We were then,where we are, today. Relax, we made it fun, see it all turned around. Now, you have the opportunity to start over, please don’t make the same mistakes: don’t buy on credit and save something for a rainy day. In essence, we took control of the situation - we didn't allow the situation to control us. Of course we know Jesus loves us, he is giving us another chance HE IS ONE OF US


faith based communities that are doing good by man can be helped...see the millions, no, billions of dollars that are chasing receivers/end user-spenders from the current stimulus plan

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