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Monday, November 10, 2008


your sister

good for you gadfly brother.
the world needs an irritant now and then, in fact, often.
plus, you aren't irritating (at least to me.)
from what i can see, you irritate the system with your thoughtful questioning.
rock on with your social commentating... ily.

Keith F.

I remember the gadflies (horseflies) growing up in rural NC. The bite stung but the incessant buzzing warned us early enough to get in an effective swat first. That is what happens to gadflies, right? I'm recalling Socrates – the prototypical, self-professed gadfly. Gadflies are not known for their lifespan; they are pretty much victims as a species.

Now, with our modern sensibilities, we screen the porch, close the windows tight and have our garbage picked-up every Friday so as to keep such pesky insects at bay. I don't even have to swat anymore. I suppose the analogy is that we can keep church also pleasantly isolated from gadflies. I guess that's one of the risks of leaving of our environmentally-sealed buildings and wandering too far outside where the garbage and manure isn't all cleaned up. I might bump into a swarm of those hallowed gadflies, or worse, become one myself.


Steve K.


I think you're a brilliant gadfly! One of my all-time favorite gadflies evar! ;-)

Keep at it,
Steve K.

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