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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


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Here is what is funny....it wasn't a land slide....and just a little over half voted for him...meaning the other half was not for him. So, when you say the country...???
MLK said content over color; and as a black male i'm sad for the blacks today that voted for a man based on his skin color.
Sad. All you white people think you are so great now cause you have a 1/2 black pres...sad sad sad.


God Bless America


And I think it is especially significant that the first major Afro-American presidential candidate wins in a landslide. I grew up in the "post-segregation laws" south, where segregation was still a de facto behavior. I'm so happy to see this shift in my lifetime.

Kari Byrd

It's a great day for America! I'm so proud of our country.

the holly

amen. and as a friend just said to me, "our children will never know a world with only white us presidents." beautiful. for many, many reasons.

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