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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Started well, but devolved into glurge. Pity.

Nike Shox Turbo

From heaven, known from sincerity, true friendship from caring, blessing from the heart, busy, don't forget to greet friends, your life is safe happiness!

Joe Six-Pack

Great post.


Some seriously thick writing right there. It is truly sad that we are getting screwed by people and companies that are only in it for themselves.

jim justus

great work,godspeed

is it the preacher's job to call down medical problems that are lifestyle related....how about the impression we make on others as a result of what color clothes we wear....America is a nation like any other- if Ron Paul or Ralph Nader doesn't get pulpit time, why should Paulson or Bernanke, or WAMU or AIG, or $7ooB or the predicted Social Security failure....thank God that God is bigger than all life- contentment is the key....knowing how to be OK with life when it's going good or not going at all- let's all pray that our fellow citizens are not destroyed by the rich planters...James, in the Bible, called down the rich in righteous indignation- reading that passage does communicate the ire of our times

Jennifer BB

Hey Bob,

My sermon last Sunday (the 21st) was all over this issue--I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like. We cannot be silent in the midst of this latest crisis.


This is a great post. Thanks for taking the time to say this all very well. I've also been wrestling with my response to these troubling times although for different reasons. We need to hold onto hope, and I think you are pointing in a good direction.


thank you thank you thank you.

my post will be so much more angry than this.

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