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Wednesday, September 03, 2008



I believe that both the Republicans and Democrats are trying to turn back the clock. The Democrats back to when they were actually committed to following the ideals of the 60s. The Republicans back to the days when the Reagan coalition subverted the permanent majority of the Democrats.

There will be a storm, but it will pass and I think the religious right will have some new better leaders in its wake.



well said my brother bob. wellllll said. it's not that palin is evil, although that's what flared up for me last night watching her, and what message she was bringing and embodying for her audience. it's that to appeal to, and play on, and descend to, the politics of fear and the fortress and the bunker and the us vs. them ... is wrong. it's low. it's a retreat into hatred. it's heartbreaking. i thought mccain would do better.
i don't believe that that's what obama wants. perhaps he's prevailed upon the voices in his party that encouraged him to play dirty, that that's not how to make true change and health and wholeness for this nation and the world happen.
everybody was wondering last week when the strong message would come. biden? nope. it was obama himself, who spoke with clarity and forceful support of what he believes is best - and yet also spoke with respect, and openness, and never belittled john mccain or the republicans or anyone else.
i didn't see that last night. i am sad about that. and i want to fight against smallness of mind - not by fighting back, but by standing and saying No.

Bryan Hooper


I think you did a great job of capturing my sentiments last night. Veiled under Palin's impressive rhetoric was more of the same old culture war buzz that I had hoped we were emerging out of. This is John McCain's campaign after all - I thought he hated that culture war crap.

Turns out he'll use it if he thinks it'll help him win.

With so much fear and anger in our nation today, it is so sad to think that our politics might revert back to this tired line. If the Culture Wars really do continue, I am mostly sad for the trivialization of our nation's once great values.

Brian Miller

"And come to think about it, I felt pretty slapped down by the whole Hillary thing, too (I voted for her in the primaries)." (Posted by Neal)

I still don't understand this. What's the issue? At the end of the vote count, did she not have fewer votes than another candidate? I'm not knocking Hillary Clinton. I supported Barack Obama in the primaries, but I like Hillary Clinton as well and think she would have made a fine president.

Regardless....good post.

Neal Locke

"Don't talk to me about family values when you screwed around on your wife, been caught with a hooker or your teenager is knocked up. Don't talk to me about the harms of feminism and affirmative action when yearn for the "good old days" when women knew their place and colored folks served you like they ought to."

Dude. Those sound like pretty harsh words and assumptions. Are you joining the culture war by striking back?

I know that this was sparked by watching the RNC tonight, but honestly I felt like the DNC slapped down and took cheap shots at some things that are pretty important to me. And especially since I've been a Democrat all my life, I feel pretty slapped down by my democratic friends now that I'm considering voting for a Republican ticket for the first time in my life. And come to think about it, I felt pretty slapped down by the whole Hillary thing, too (I voted for her in the primaries).

I think if there's sense in Birmingham, it's not going to come from politicians. Not Palin, McCain, Clinton, Biden, or even Obama, who talks about being "above the fray" but gets down and dirty just as fast as the others (especially in his commercials).

No, I still think we need to look to Bethlehem for a messiah, not Washington DC. We should still vote, but maybe we all need to put our elections into the proper perspective, and still agree to love and support each other, even when on opposite sides of the aisle. But maybe that's what you were trying to say all along...

david w

praying with you. thanks for saying what needs to be said.

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