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Monday, January 28, 2008


irs back taxes

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Throughout the meeting was the instigator of the heir to the patronage of Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. Report of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation IE Levitin in an expanded meeting of the board of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation March 13, 2007 On the main results of socio-economic development of the transport sector, Geodesy and Cartography in 2006, problems in the year 2007 and mid-term 2009 Dear Sergey! Dear Colleagues, Suggested by you during the detailed background and analytical material reflects the outcome of the transport sector for 2006. For the prevailing conditions of economic growth in 2006, the transport complex has worked steadily and has provided the needs of the population and industries in the transport services. Passenger public transport increased by 1,4%. The biggest benefit has been made in passenger rail - 3, 5% and air transport - 9,2%. The dynamics of passenger public transport affects a growing motorization and refinement of the transport mobility of the privileged categories of the population after the transition to monetization. The main factors that have an impact in profit volume of cargo, are revitalizing the real sector of the economy, increasing production in key sectors of heavy loading, development of markets for goods and services, small and medium-sized businesses, favorable foreign economic situation to the main headings of domestic exports. During the 2006 value of freight traffic has grown to over 2005 to 8,6% and 3,9% in turnover. The most compelling use of turnover achieved in road transport - 8,7% and rail - 5%. 32% of the traffic volume carried out by rail, as in 1,8% below 2005 levels. During the recent years there has been a change of the bulk of freight traffic to road transport as evidence of increasing its competitiveness in certain market segments of transportation services. Transportation of goods by road between Russia and foreign countries increased to over 2005 by almost 9% and amounted to 36.5 million tons. The share of domestic carriers in the development of Russian cargo haulage base reached 40%. again 3 ages ago, it was only 18%. In air transport since taken place in recent years, the fall turnover, the benefits amounted to 3,6%. The value of inland waterways transport has not changed, the benefits amounted to only 0.3%. Throughout the Far North waterway was sent to 16.6 million tons of cargo, it is 15% more than in 2005. All the charges for transportation of cargo were transported in time. Volume of transshipment of goods through seaports grew by 3,3% and reached chetyrehsot twenty-one million tons, much larger than the maximum quantity of cargo transshipment ports of the Soviet Union in 1989 - four hundred and three million tons. Revenues through exports of transportation services in the fields of transport sector in 2006 grew to over 2005 to 10.0%. And improved financial performance of organizations of the transport complex. As at 1 November 2006, the benefit before tax increased to the same period last age of 2 razhotya reached 107.4 billion rubles. In this case, it should be noted, as increasing use as bast plestlko to transport activities, but also to related services: transport container handling, warehousing, storage. This shows the development of the transport market and improving their quality. Losing a whole in 2006, as in previous years, remains active urban public transport - bus, tram and trolleybus. Tax revenues to the budget of the Russian Federation through the activities of all branches of transport have increased by almost 30% and amounted to 286.1 billion rubles. Admission of non-tax revenues to the federal budget through the transfer of dividends to the federal stakes transport sector in 2006 was 2.33 billion rubles. During the 2006 value of investments in major money in the transport sector increased by 13,7% and reached 490 billion rubles. For compliance with the federal budget in 2006 the Ministry of Transport of Russia, as a subject of budgeting has been allocated almost 193 billion rubles. In comparison with 2004 - the first year of operation under the new structure of federal bodies of executive power, the magnitude of budget financing in the transport sector, Geodesy and Cartography has changed like twice. A preliminary analysis of indices reflecting the degree of achievement of strategic objectives and tactical goals of the Ministry, shows how to most indicators have achieved the planned values. The level of utilization of allocated funds before the end of 2006 age was 98.6 per cent. We managed to improve this figure to over 2005 in the 2.2 percentage points. With the same time, the presence of unused funds requires special attention to the state of financial management in federal services and federal agencies. Thus, the results of 2006 indicate age, how much traffic passes through the complex stages of survival for stage of renovation and development. In this case, along with the results achieved, the country's transportation capabilities are not used to the fullest. word to agree on the implementation of transit potential of Russia - its natural competitive advantages, opportunities for transport industry to ensure the connectivity of regions with a common economic space, the integration of national economies in the world economy, growth in national security. For addressing these and other objectives are supported by Russian Ministry of Transportation of the State Duma and Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation. During the past year, Russian Ministry of Transportation is actively engaged with the Federation Council and State Duma about holding "parliamentary hearings, roundtables, meetings of committees of the Federal Assembly, meetings of the Federation Council and to the national marine policy, meetings of the Federation Council to natural monopolies. Obviously, much effort is now Ministerstvhotya subordinate federal bodies of executive power should be concentrated in the formulation of concrete measures aimed at transforming the transport system in the structural part of the innovation economy. We must organize the work so as to most effectively connect with the possibilities of state support of the Russian Federation and the financial support of private investors. Only now, continuing the tradition of our final board, let us note the main results of the implementation of state policy in sphere of transport in 2006 and disgrace in the key areas of work which should be concentrated efforts in 2007. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE MINISTRY OF SOFTWARE WILL REMAIN EFFECTIVE also BALANCED DEVELOPMENT TRASNPORTNOY INFRASTRUCTURE. Here I have made some progress, both in terms of maintaining state regulation of transport infrastructure, without any reason and part of the implementation of new infrastructure projects. Tasks to address road infrastructure were discussed October 13, 2006 Age at exit session of Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation in the city of Yaroslavl with the participation of the Russian Federation President VV Putin. Today, the device requests the President of the Russian Federation until the end of the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council and deployed to a number of positions entered the final phase of consultation with interested federal executive bodies. For line with the objectives set by the President of Russia VV Putin's budget address on Mar. 9, 2007 age - razrabotkhotya agreed plan to phase transition, beginning in 2008, to finance road infrastructure to the approved standards in the correction and maintenance of highways, exit at 100% for 2011. Implementation of the planned measures will finally provide the accelerated development of road infrastructure and gradually change the situation associated with a significant backlog of road network through the economic and social needs of society, improve road infrastructure. New problem now put the market in the development of inland waterways. To address them will be cooking in 2007 and the subsequent effect of infrastructure investment projects to develop the largest deepwater channels Unified System of Russia and their openness to prohodhotya nostrannyh courts in connection with Russia's accession to the WTO. An important problem is the effect of projects to develop infrastructure of rail, sea, air transport, road facilities, under the Federal Program "Modernization of transport system of Russia (2002-2010)" in 2007. Next urgent task must be to stop the multiplication of regional aspects in the development of transport infrastructure, as the entire line with the objectives of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation in the period to 2020. Great distances across the western and central regions of Russia and an affinity for the rapidly developing Asia-Pacific countries makes the development of transport infrastructure in the Far East - a basic condition for the continued existence of the Far East into a single economic space of the Russian Federation. Word accept is not just about projects to develop transport infrastructure and on the coordinated development and organization of interaction between different modes, which allow the transport sector to provide an additional systemic effect for users of transport services, how much will tackle the main challenges facing the transport system country: -ensure connectivity of regions of Russia and to increase the height of national security; -ensure the development of a rational system for settlement of Siberia and the Far East, there being more jobs; -provide outputs for hard-commodity bases and efficient development nhotya x based on the real sectors of the economy; -to realize the transit potential of the Russian Federation. Starting with this purpose shall determine the list of critical transportation infrastructure facilities in the region, providing property for the development of design estimates in 2008. Respect for the realization of transit potential of Russia should more actively educate transport corridors and integrated transport nodes. for now, such work is carried out. word to agree on the start of the 2006 New Development sub-exports of transport services. " Within the framework of the subprogramme is preparing feasibility studies of investment in transport facilities, which will be implemented after a public-private partnership. These are the projects to the construction and reconstruction of roads, and development hubs in Murmansk, Novorossiysk, Yekaterinburg, "East-Nakhodka in the Primorsky Krai, Moscow Region. The implementation of these projects once implemented will allow the transit potential of Russia and to increase exports of transportation services, to fulfill its comparable income through the implementation of natural resources. For market development TRANSPORT SERVICES actions of our Ministry will be directed to the formation of clear and transparent rules of the game and are concentrated in several key areas. Within the field of railway transport action activities of the third stage of the program of structural reforms in the railway transport, which implies profit competition in freight traffic, passenger traffic allocation as a competitive sector, the gradual end to cross-subsidization. Total 2007 Age at last being planned about 40 subsidiaries of RZD. For now Russian Transport Ministry, together with interested federal executive bodies, RZD almost completed the preparation of the target model of the transport market in view of the third phase of structural reform of rail transport. Throughout Russia in 2006 Russia produced 33.5 thousand mainline freight cars, as almost 1.5 times the value of output in 1990. Total purchased 40,000 freight wagons with them, 31 thousand - the private companies. Now almost a third of the freight rolling stock is owned by private carriage companies. So, almost went for the possibility of deregulation in the car is. For issues in the field of maritime transport, port infrastructure and inland waterways as a priority, I noted a desire to reform the duty of Chief of basin agencies. The model of reform rather represented by the Transport Ministry and discussed in the meeting of the Marine Board about the Russian Government in March this year Within the field of civil aviation during order creation in the territory of the Russian Federation, the infrastructure of major transportation hubs (hubs), design and implementation of the classification system of airports of federal and regional significance and management, conservation and development of local air traffic values and only a segment of socially important air transportation is required razrabotkhotya adoption of the Concept of development of the airfield network of the Russian Federation. Once in 2007 rather continue to consolidate the assets in the field of civil aviation. Within the field of road traffic transporthotya economy the most important aspects are: the reform of state enterprises road hozyaystvhotya improving the system of financing the road sector. DEVELOPMENT OF PASSENGER TRANSPORT Here I wish to disgrace himself in two aspects. First - the development of the main modes of transport. During the past decade is really no longer live teaching public air service between major Russian cities. Its restoration to accept a little pace and did not properly coordinated with the development of passenger rail. deprivation of such a system is essential disintegrating factor that contributes to the actual isolation of the individual Russian regions and actually weakens the socio-political consensus of the country, as mentioned in his speech, the first heir to the Russian Prime Minister Sergei Borisovich Ivanov. Today, there is a modern system of main passenger must go to the main areas mentioned in the slide. Second - the development of urban transport. Transportation problems arising in the first place, increasing motorization in the foreseeable future will be critical for most of the country's urban population. A special place in this task given to Urban Passenger Transport, whose development in the federal level, until recently, been neglected. Among the most important tasks I want to draw attention to the promotion of integrated projects (Federation - region, district, region, city - region) aimed at improving transport approaches and bypass major cities, the output from these facilities to transport and warehouse infrastructure, and to the program to develop underground. SECURITY INTEGRATED SECURITY SYSTEMS TRANSPORT great deal of attention in 2006 was given to anti-terrorist security in transport. As someone said in his speech Sergey Borisovich (Ivanov), developed by our Federal Law "On transport security," signed by Russian President VV Putin (February 9, 2007 N 16-FZ). I note how the principle along with the legal principles of activity to ensure antiterrorist protection of transport infrastructure and vehicles, provides a structure of the Russian Federation, the international requirements in the area of transport security as a prerequisite of a competitive presence of the Russian Transport in the international market of transportation of passengers and goods. In addition to in the Act for the first time in the world primenen same for all types of transport systems approach to anti-terrorism protection, provides many advanced positions, and Russia's authority in matters of transportation security. Individual attention is given to us the question anti-terrorism protection of hydraulic structures in the inland waterways of the Russian Federation. The problem of shipping waterworks studied the Russian Presidential Administration, reviewed the November 2006 meeting, the age in the National Anti-Terrorist komitethotya expanded board meeting of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

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The funds also provided by our commitments under the G8, laid in the three-year budget plan, "- said Dvorkovich.


The war between Iraq and Turkey is postponed?
In Kubinka exhibited trophies of the Russian-Georgian conflict
In Togliatti say goodbye to the victims of the attack

and since it does not follow that radars can be connected to the system of the NATO Airborne Awacs. In the fighting, some Georgian radars were damaged by bombing. and Georgian military forces have a mobile system, some of whom escaped the Russian air strikes. A few months before the military operation according to seize breakaway region of South Ossetia, Russian military planes flew a bit more into the air space of Georgia. Ground radar associated c NATO will perform round the clock monitoring of the Georgian air space but a manner consistent with the principle according to which the work Italian or Spanish radars are automatically connected to the system of aerial surveillance of NATO. Sources said the alliance, which is now being discussed to be able to send to the region NATO planes Awacs. but they stressed that the verdict according to the subject, which is rather seen by Moscow as a provocation, is still pending. In an effort according to forge closer military ties with Georgia's plan to let US take a trust fund to which members of the alliance will be able to make investments in support of the Georgian armed forces. "In fact, NATO sends a hat according to the circle" - said the representative. A team of NATO visited Georgia and found out that Georgia needs a fashionable rnizatsii its armed forces. Washington denied the accusation Moscow in which US warships sent to Georgia with tons of humanitarian aid, covertly supplied arms. "Currently, major efforts are directed at NATO to help Georgia survive the winter, not permitting Russia to strangle the country. We must strive for the development of democratic processes in the country. But it did not agree as to accelerate the application to meet Georgia in the beginning of NATO "- said the spokesman. Representative of the Ministry of Defence in London said: "In light of recent events, Georgia must be time to once meet the requirements. We intend to provide assistance to Georgia and parse the requests for assistance and cooperation during the discussions with our partners, according to NATO and the EU. " Michael Evans

Drunk driver in Krasnoyarsk at full speed crashed into a traffic light
Luzhkovki was less than Khrushchev

Cautious investment in U.S. mortgages

new balance

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today .


I wanted to comment on the song Amen. If someone is going to talk about what is right then they need to make sure they are not being a hypocrite as they judge so called hypocritical churches, pastors, people ect. If they do this like Kid rock has done in this song then they are no better than anyone else. This is exactly why the bible says "We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God"(Romans 3:23). We ALL need Jesus to forgive us of these sins that we freely participate in. Kid Rock is no different then the world that he is judging and his comment in the lyrics as to "so baby won't you stay with me tonight" proves it. Fornication (sex outside of marriage is a sin). I believe that Kid rock and this song has said nothing new that hasn't already been said or sung. It appears that the message is saying "leave me alone so I can do my drugs", by pointing the finger at everyone else's problem. I believe in phycological terms that is called (projecting) or pointing the finger at someone else so that he doesn't have to look at his own behavior. We must all stand and give an account of our lives at the day of Judgement (Romans 14:10) (me included). Thanks for reading my comment. God Bless you and may you KNOW THE TRUTH...

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