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Thursday, October 11, 2007



I think ignorance and fear is one reason this issue isn't addressed as strongly as it should be.

I asked some preachers once WHY they never preached on Domestic Abuse, and they told me they don't need to speak of 'social ills'...just teach on scripture!

Sarah Dylan Breuer


Thank you.

The Real Dude

This topic really hits home with me. Although I am in my thirties and married, I am still affected by the abuse my father inflicted upon my mother and I. I understand the urge to quickly move past it, to forgive without thinking and to want to believe "it won't happen again". I think it is important to point out that verbal abuse is damaging and many man, not just women, are verbally abused. They lose their confidence and their "man-hood" as a result of it.

Honestly, it would shock me if my pastor spoke on this subject. Not because it is innapropriate, it's not, but because it might be unpopular.

Thanks for sharing this information, it was quite thought provoking.

The Real Dude

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