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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Ear Ringing Cause

This revelation of McLaren is really interesting since it is really occurring all over the world from different countries. And I really think that the alterations in the prosperity system is really alarming considering that humans don't stop from discovering new things, nevertheless climate change cannot be blame to humans because we have to admit that the earth is already aging.


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John L

those of us using computers and other electronics devices, driving cars, buying food at the local supermarket, shopping at home depot, traveling on airplanes, etc.. we're the machine in today's systems of prosperity.

not sure how to change any of that, short of moving to a small plot of land, off-grid, and going native. my personal sense is that the earth will self-correct any unsustainable activities, and we're living in THE most unsustainable of times, today, right now.

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