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Thursday, October 18, 2007


bob carlton


silence has a ton of meaning, particularly when held in a large space that does not usually hold it


Bob--meaty stuff! I fear I do indeed fall into the pomo/unsure/questioning category. I certainly fall into journeyingrick's comment about not having anything to say. There are days when what can you say? And yet I get up and say it anyway. Much to think on.


hell yes brother! that realization is worth the whole kitty of college loans.
i LOVED the TANG reference.


yes, yes, yes ... i agree.
hey, preacher men and women:
be real about what you're saying - and if you don't have anything to say that day, then that's okay too. we don't need a canned product. we're no longer the audience.
just be who you are, and don't feed us anything that will make us feel happy or make us think you're smart or make us swallow something that will fix it. just tell us what is burning in your bones.

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