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Wednesday, February 14, 2007



get a life its tv


Quit whining. It's a TV show.

It's clear where your loyalty lies.


just the thought of someone in a lip-lock with rush limbaugh makes me shudder like the hyenas in the lion king at the mention of the name "mufasa."

and can he even stop talking long enough for someone to kiss him?




thank you!

it stuns me that so many progressive christians are such big fans. people who don't support the war, who claim to be peace-makers and would be appalled if this kind of thing happened in 'real life', and yet they stop their worlds weekly to participate in this 'spiritual discipline'.

great post! thanks for drawing attention to it.


Interesting post, living on the northern side of the 49th meridian, I've often thought what this show is doing to to our mindset in North America. If the " eyes are the window to the soul ", what is this constant reminder of terrorism, and stereotyping...doing to our collective soul. I've heard Dick Cheney is a big fan of 24...I wonder why.

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