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Sunday, November 05, 2006



so... bob carlton huh... sorry, though you were another bob. i think the main idea still applies though.



Sarah, I understand what you are trying to say. but perhaps you could make your opinion more organized and logical, so that I can show you the meaning of what he said.

(it's hard to prove to somebody that their logical statements are illogical, when they don't start with a logical statement.)


Dear brothers and sisters, when I was with you I couldn't talk to you as I would to mature Christians. I had to talk as though you belonged to this world, or as though you were infants in the Christian life. I had to feed you with milk and not with solid food, because you couldn't handle anything stronger. And you still aren't ready, for you are still controlled by your own sinful desires. You are jealous of one another and quarrel with eachother. Doesn't that proveyou are controlled by your own desires? You are acting like people who don't belong to the Lord. When one of you says, "I an a follower of Paul," and another says, "I prefer Apollos," aren't you acting like those who are not Christians?

1 Corinthians, 3:1-4

Mark knows this chapter thouroughly, and he isn't building with cheap tricks. He is telling the people the things that it is hard for them to hear. A perfect example is what you already posted, a pastor's spouse who has "let themselves go" may find this offensive... but still solid material that will withstand the test of fire.

Bob, you keep circumventing it... but it's getting harder for me to belive you don't realize that Mark speaks from his heart with guidance from god.
although at times he may be rough, he's basically serving as the "amplified bible" for people who are looking for loop-holes. meaning that he accentuates and tries to block of unholy loop-holes for the thick headed people who don't want to accept the good news of the bible.

bob, the parts of scripture that you continously overlook are (of course) the ones that most apply to you... i'll highlight them here for you.
(note: this is not intended to be a duplication of scripture, but a rephrasal and direct of it)... Dear brother, I can't talk to you as a mature Christian, I have to talk as though you belong to the world, or just an immature Christian. I had to give you baby food, because you couldn't accept the full potency of truth, and you still aren't ready. You are controlled by your sinful desires. You are jealous of one another (Mark), and quarrel with him. Doesn't that prove you are controlled by something other than god? You are acting like people who don't feel that they are responsible for answering to god.

if i didn't care about your eternal soul, i seriously would have done something more fun than this, so... as hard as it may be to belive... in love, momos


Well, he's certainly consistant, I'll say that for him.


here, here! thank you bob for using your voice to bring attention to this asinine theology.

Sarah Dylan Breuer

This is also a choice quote from Driscoll's post:

Churches should consider returning to heterosexual male assistants who are like Timothy and Titus to serve alongside pastors. Too often the pastor’s assistant is a woman who, if not sexually involved, becomes too emotionally involved with the pastor as a sort of emotional and practical second wife. I have been blessed with a trustworthy heterosexual male assistant who can travel with me, meet with me, etc., without the fear of any temptations or even false allegations since we have beautiful wives and eight children between us.

Since he speaks of the senior pastor as always male, it seems he's arguing essentially that women can't be clergy (they can't serve as senior pastors OR assistants) because MEN (whose misconduct is always heterosexual, or else having a male assistant wouldn't be a help -- a bizarre assumption given he's writing in response to the Haggard case) can't keep their pants zipped. Sounds more like an argument against the ordination of men!


huh.......strong words

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