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Monday, February 13, 2006


Mythology Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Sarah Dylan Breuer

Hey, I've finally gotten around to putting up a U2charist resources page, where there's info about how the U2charist started, a U2charist FAQ, and a growing collection of prayers, playlists, collected wisdom, and other resources for folks interested in hosting a U2charist. Do you have Catie Greene's info? I'd love to include as much as possible of the liturgy from the service y'all held -- and please spread the word about the resources page; I want to include tons of resources from across the full creativity of the church (and with full credit given to the creators, of course!).

Jim Ebbenga

What a beautiful service. I have read about several U2charist services here in Cleveland area and hope to attend one. As chair of Worship Committee in my own church, I really want to pursue this exciting service and the the causes it supports. Any additional info on content of slides, bibliographies, etc. would be very helpful since I am so new at this...
Thanks for your great work and for sharing it.

tim adair

I would like a copy on CD if you have it. Thanks and God Bless.
Ps. 97:9


Catie, I really like the wording of the "welcome" address at the beginning of your liturgy. I am working on a U2charist right now with youth in the Diocese of Northern Califiornia and was wondering if we could use that "welcome" language in our service bulletin.

If the central belief of the Episcopal Church is resurrection, isn't it more ironic to care about death?


Thanks for sharing this! I've been hearing about the U2Charist for a while, and I'm excited to see all of this melded together in this fashion.


Am I missing something? Can I see the images somewhere?


Really well done. Sets the bar high for up-to-date music, worship, and experience in church -- a good thing! The scripture readings as antiphonal congregational readings with U2 verses read together was really effective, powerful. Volume could have been a notch lower -- but it wasn't too much (except for little ones).


i wish i could have experienced this.


Man I love that song. It speaks to my hear teverytime I hear it.



Any chance you could get a copy of the sermon?

That would be great...

Catie Greene

Bob et al,
Thank you for your comments and your feedback. Sunday night was a great culmination of a wonderfully creative experience. Of course, I have my own criticisms, and I very much welcome feedback, because I will certainly step into this venue again. I love these holy "thin spaces"! One note on the outline of the U2charist - I drew upon several different texts and resources which are not cited on the outline. Much of my inspiration came from materials put together by Wild Goose Publishing, and I will endeavor to put together a proper bibliography for your own edification (and to prevent possible lawsuits).

What a moving experience. The images selected by Amanda and Catie were both personal and global, painful and hopeful. Images that brought tears to my eyes were from Catie's immediate trip to the Gulf Coast after Katrina to offer love and compassion to her friend and pastor of, as well as the community of Long Beach, Missippi, and of recent and tragic terrorism. It reminded me that as bad as it gets, we can't forget to notice the love that abounds during even those awful times. While I've always felt that St. Marks in general, and Catie and Matt in particular have offered a warm, and inclusive welcome, it was even more palpable during the Eucharist. As we 200 familar and strangers)gathered around a small-ish space, as Ryan and co. provided the pulse of music, we were, indeed, all welcomed to feel God's love, and challenged to open our eyes, and live that love. Wow! How cool would it be to be able to worship like that all the time!!!

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