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Monday, February 13, 2006



I am the actual creator of disco jesus. I drew this for fun, so no analyzation is necessary. Hope you all enjoyed it. Please check out my other videos at www.YouTube.com ----> My username is TotemX


Tim Chernikoff

(In response to the above statement....)

Dude... Jesus TOTALLY did that when he was resurrected!!! (meant as a joke)
Nah, seriously though, Jesus' real resurrection WAS an awesome boogie, and the way that this animation injects humor by outlandishly adding 70's culture evokes a humorous feeling which reminds me of the rediculous fact that one could triumph over death; which happens to be something that no man can escape... ever. That fact is so rediculously awesome, that I think that this animation, in being rediculous and humorous, is effective in giving one a glimpse at how funny and awesome a thing it is to look eternal death in the face and then do a dance over it and join the creator for all eternity. You're darn tootin' right that he did a dance to heaven... Jesus Style.
(yeah, I know, I'm overanalyzing and reading too much into someone's attempt at being a goofball, but it's fun. And yeah, props for the animation-- think of more wierd stuff, you're on a roll.)

William Dicks

It amazes me that we are trying so much to be cool that we end up being quite juvenile, especially since the subject matter in NO way lends itself to any type of juvenile depiction.

Humour is OK for Christians, but to portray the greatest event for Christians worldwide with such teenaged lack of discernment simply does not glorify the risen Christ.



OMG, that's hilarious.


I may burn for it, but man... that was funny.


Gosh, I thought I had a lot of time on my hands.

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