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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Xpatriated Texan

I agree with you that religion can be used cynically. When someone runs around screaming, "I'm a Christian, I'm a Christian!" my first thought is to wonder what he's trying to hide.

However, moral arguments always trump logical ones. If you are given a choice between what is right and what makes sense, don't you go for what is right? 90% of the hype surrounding "religious stances" in politicians' actions could be revealed to be bald-faced power plays if their theology is challenged.

The fact is that the religious right spent more than thirty years politicizing the evangelical church and they are now reaching into mainstream religions. The reason they were able to take the evangelical church is because their bad theology was not opposed and condemned for being against the teachings of Christ. Remaining silent will only ensure that they continue to extend their reach.

A lie, if repeated oft enough, becomes the truth in the ears of the public.

As a Christian, I don't want my views to be the rule of law. However, I cannot separate my view of what is good or bad from my values and Christian morality. That stance has made me one of the most liberal people in almost any group I surround myself in.

We don't need to run our own religious slate of candidates. However, we do need to challenge those, like Bush and Kerry, who try to claim they are living a Christian life. Really? Jesus said if a man asks you for your cloak, you should offer him your cloak - why are you a multi-millionare?

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