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Tuesday, March 08, 2005



God made a man first, a woman is created by mans rib.
We men have testicles, we give life in this world.
We men rule the world because we're stronger and smarter than women.

That's enough said. Men are superior. Even the Bible and the Koran says it. Read it women before you go to hell.

Men have testicles! We give life.
Without men, there wouldn't be any women here.
Women suffer from testicle and penis envy.

Women are weak.

Enough said.

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According to Freud, women suffer from a condition known as "Penis Envy", I think this explains feminism.


J spoke my mind.
Plus, you people are forgetting that every person is different.
There isn't really an accurate test, in my honest opinion I'd say equal grounds.
You'd definitely have to be an egoist to say ones superior than the other just because you've experienced it, way to group everyone in the same category as yourself.


All the discrimination against women is due to womb envy, frankly. Women do something powerful that men cannot compete with, bring life into this world. Men do not have that one thing that is exclusive to their gender to help define them. Women do something powerful and spiritual and exclusive, and men try to compensate through discrimination against women and denial of opportunities. Those men on here using supposed fact of what men have achieved, duh, it was achieved through denial of opportunities for women. That's a cowardly way to achieve and is basically cheating. We could say the only way men achieve over women is by denying them the chance to compete in the first place. Thus, they can try to compensate for their feelings of inferiority that women bring human beings into the world, that they come from women. Read books like The Natural Superiority of Women to see how women are genetically superior to men. All men began their lives as females, basically, men came along later and are basically a mutation. The y is inferior to the x, BUT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT, females are superior in terms of how they behave. Women are kinder and are more empathetic. Men are brutes. Religion was matriarchal and more about honoring females as life-givers, but men became jealous and invented patriarchal religion. Look at all the symbols of womb envy within religion, and it will reveal how inferior men feel to women. Adam "gives birth" to Eve, the male God "gives birth" to the world, Jesus gives us "eternal life" yea, no feminine symbols there. We call it male superiority but it is male inferiority, or a male inferiority COMPLEX! Men are the inferiors, biologically (who makes up more criminals and starts more wars) intellectually (females develop faster than males) physically (women give birth and have the strongest muscle in the human body (the uterus) and societally (we make the world better while men destroy it.) No contest!


Well, Women need a man to make a baby. Prior to the 20th century men lived longer then women. All athletics records are won by men and men score higher in IQ tests. Most people who talk about chromosomes have no point to follow it up, just that women have more. If anything modern society discriminates against men more then women. And I am upset that this sort of sexism still exists. Yes, saying that men are dumber than women is sexist. If I said women couldn't drive that would be sexist, but for some reason a women insulting a man is okay. It's up the individual, saying that infant girls are smarter than boys doesn't mean much either cause once the boys get into puberty they tend to pass the girls.

Re-look at our society and you will see that men are the ones that are held down.

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I can not believe the Femanist BS that Is on here lol why dont you closed minded women try educating yourselves for just a little bit Men arent going anywhere for a long time : )))))))))



"Yes, duh, sperm play a role, but it is the woman who carries and gives birth to life."

Meaning what exactly? The fact is it takes parts of both a man and a woman to create a child. Female supremacists who acknowledge this reality are more respectable than those who try to overlook or downplay it.

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"lol", although I agree with what you have said in your post (only partly, and certainly not the "Probably 20 years old, obese, and a dominatrix" part), when debating for or against a point I suggest you do so intelligently, stating your reasons in a detailed manner, and refrain from making personal jabs and attacks towards the opponent. If you are a man (no offense intended; gender is rather unclear in the internet), you are making us look bad.


I really don't think either gender is superior. I mean, the head of my family is my mom, she's a black belt, a great cook, and my dad is a low life *** hole with no reguard toward anyone but himself. But are all men like that? NO!
Men can be caring and women can be strong and independent, it's about the person not the gender. I think that these ideas that men are supposed to be macho and women are supposed to be weak are coming from the parents. For example, when I was 9 and my cousin (a guy) was 10 we both got into fights at school in the same week, my grandpa patted my cousin on the back and called him "his little slugger". when he found out that I had won in a fight with a guy, he refused to speak to me and told me to "mind my own place".

Women have flexibility and lower body strength, men have upper body strength and endurance. so what? Just because we are different doesn't mean we have to hate each other.

I'm sorry I've probably already taken up half a page by now, but this really bugs me... :/



you are hilarious. Probably 20 years old, obese, and a dominatrix. Nobody is ever going to take you seriously. Let's set aside your blanket statements and conspiracy theory aside for now. On what basis does giving life make a woman "superior"? On that logic, shouldn't all women be barefeet, pregnant, and in the kitchen to be superior? I'd like to see you get pregnant without sperm. P.S. Did you happen to get raped by your dad when you were 8 years old?


Women are superior, no doubt. Women bring life into this world, and men do not do anything equal to it. They have oppressed women because of this reality, trying to find their "special" purpose. I do chuckle when I hear men having to point out that without them, there would be no child. Yes, duh, sperm play a role, but it is the woman who carries and gives birth to life. Yes, men "feed" children, but women can do this too. The fact is some men are feeling inferior because women are now doing all that men can do, such as support a family, without the need for help, and still women bring human beings into the world. The uterus is the strongest muscle. If men have stronger muscles, they mostly use them to harm other people, dominate others, or to show off in muscle building contest. Our strong muscle actually results in something - LIFE. That's why religions are so patriarchal, men trying to make themselves the givers of life, trying to copy women. That's why men fight wars, so that they can say they "fight for freedom" that we would not have freedom without men. Well, we wouldn't have wars without them either, and we would all be free to begin with! The truth is, patriarchy was invented to try to make men feel important in the face of women. Women had to be put down and oppressed just to make men feel adequate.


Women are definitely getting discriminated with all these female-only scholarships and female quotas in workplaces and colleges.


Feminists need to get a life. You haven't given us a reason why we should give a flying fuck about the x chromosome or the flexibility of the uterus or about my hidden feelings of inferiority to women (fo sho). The fact is, women CANNOT give birth without men, and guess who takes care of you during those 9 months of pregnancy? IQ is meaningless because everyone is different. Men are stronger than women. It's a fact. Having a stronger uterus doesn't feed the children.


Yes, women are superior. That is quite obvious. I find it funny when men point out that they are smarter, etc., when women are the ones who have been discriminated against. If it were so obvious that men were smarter, THEN THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NEED FOR DISCRIMINATION! Women would have tried to become doctors, lawyers, etc. and would have failed. Men discriminated against women because they were too cowardly to compete with them.

Men too often point out that men are stronger, but it is women who give birth. Women continue the human race. What does strength do? You cannot deny that women do something profound and spiritual and necessary, and men play a small role in it. That makes some men feel inferior to women and try to overcompensate.

Another argument against men being stronger is that it depends on what you define as strength. Women are more flexible than men, and we can carry and give birth to babies. The strongest muscle in the human body is the uterus, not biceps! Also, when going through ivf, more females are born because females make stronger embryos.

I also crack up when I hear men saying they are superior because of what they have done in the world, (i.e. art, architecture, etc.) Well, hello, women were denied those opportunities. It's like cheating; you can't claim credit for something when the other half was denied the opportunity to even try. Again, it represents cowardice more than anything. Besides, male creativity,specifically males trying to deny women creative opportunities is womb envy plain and simple.

And don't even get me started on womb envy within religion - men as "life givers" come on, anyone can see that. Sexist men feel inferior to women, plain and simple. They try to compensate for it, especially in Arab cultures, but truth be known, they feel inferior to women because women do something special they cannot do. Will they admit it? Unlikely. Is it the truth, absolutely!

Keep up the good work!


Women are superior to men. It is a simple fact and smart men recognize it very early in life. That guy who wrote that men are the best writers, etc., etc., needs to get out a little more. Women are involved in every aspect of human culture and their contributions are legion.

I get so tired of the fallacy that because men have had the political power for so long, that somehow makes them superior. That's like saying that Kim Jong Il is superior to, or better than, the rest of the North Korean people. He isn't. He just happens to be the brute in charge at the moment. The day of the political caveman, and the misogynist, is coming to an end, nation by nation, across the world -- and where it is, women are leading it.

-- Signed, an enlightened man.


Women are so obviously superior to men. The most obvious reason is that women bring life into the world, whereas men only play a small role. Men do not do something that is exclusively male, that is pure and spiritual and necessary. Men have nothing equal to that. Yea, they make up things like they are stronger, but how do you define strength? And women are strong as well, but men can't "sorta" give birth!!

Women are more flexible than men and we are stronger in that we do the toughest physical task there is, GIVE BIRTH! That makes us superior. That's why men have discriminated against and oppressed women and tried to prove they are superior because they actually feel inferior in some respects.

Women live longer than men, even when under the same stresses. We don't define ourselves by war and killing people. We make life, and all too often men destroy it and try to convince us it was necessary. Only in patriarchy is it necessary and men "create" war so as to try to make up some reason they are as valuable as women. Some day war will be gone, but we will always need birth!

Read Ashley Montague's the Natural Superiority of Women to get a grip of how women are simply biologically superior. Why is it that when women go through infertility treatments, that they have girls more often? It's because when the embryos are created, the female embryos are always stronger, the male embryos weaker. The males almost always have more genetic defects.

So guys, you've had it easy not being challenged, and men discriminated against women in the past out of fear of how well we could challenge you on this topic. There were a number of books written about female superiority hundreds of years ago, but the info was suppressed because the men were too weak to handle the truth.

Women are the stronger sex because we live longer and we give birth and can breastfeed and sustain a human life. You can remain competitive but you can never find anything to compete with that so JUST DEAL WITH IT!

some interesting information about the Y chromosome:

"Last year, Page and his colleagues reported a finding that brightened the outlook for the future of men: The Y chromosome has been secretly creating backup copies of its most important genes. These are stored in the DNA as mirror images, or palindromes -- which read the same way forwards and backwards. ("Madam, I'm Adam" is a famous example.)

In Y chromosome palindromes, the first half contains the gene and the second half contains the same information, just in reverse.

That means that many of the genes on the Y chromosome do occur as pairs. Page says members of these pairs appear to be swapping out or recombining with each other -- allowing the genes to repair themselves when they get damaged.

Page says this helps explain why these genes have been able to persist despite millions of years of assault from random mutations. And, he says, it means the Y chromosome won't simply keep shrinking away until it disappears altogether."

My conclusion: females have two copies of the same chromosome. Men have one copy of that chromosome, but also a copy of an extra chromosome with additional material. based on the information contained in the above story, it seems that the Y chromosome is indeed capable of backing itself up and propogating itself regardless of the fact that it does not come in a pair.

Therefore, it seems that men are in fact genetically superior to women. Their genes contain all of the material female genes do, plus additional genes to account for the differences between the sexes. This is probably why men have more IQs and there is more variance between the IQs of men. It is also probably why men are stronger and more fit for survival. Therefore, it seems that men are a natural evolutionary step-up from women. It's all in the DNA, baby.

Death rates of women plummeted when MEN invented ways to prevent death during pregnancy. Why do men go to war? TO PROTECT WOMEN! Try seeing things from our perspective for a change. We want to be heroes and protect you, but if you continue to bash us without due cause, we will take power back from you, as it is us who have given it to you in the first place. It is up to you to be responsible, loving, caring, and forgiving. Otherwise, everyone will continue to suffer. Women most, probably.

Men are better suited for survival, as well as creators of technological and societal progress and change. The feminist movement could never have occurred without the support and allowance of men. Men have given women the power that they now have.

Instead of trying to one-up us, why not try showing some humility and gratitude? If neo-feminism continues its current course, there will be a backlash from men who are fed-up with your BS. Things can always go back to the way they were. Maybe try being nice to us instead of intentionally attempting to hurt our feelings.


Women superior to men? What universe were you raised in?

First of all, men are stronger. I don't think that's disputed.

Men are smarter, as proven and re-proven by several studies, by an average of 3-5 IQ points. Furthermore, as you go up the IQ scale, you find that the smarter the person, the more likely they are to be male. This is why throughout history, the greatest scientists and inventors have all been men.

The greatest world leaders are men. The greatest cooks (typically a womans job) are men. The best artists are men. The best musicians and composers are men. The best athletes are men. The best writers are men. The best actors, directors, all men. Even the major religious figures are men. Men can even pee while running. If that's not superior you can slap me in the face and call me Sally.

So lizards can reproduce asexually. So can worms. But when you get to the more evolved animals, like mammals, they are all male-dominated. Lion prides are led my the males. One bull controls an entire field of cows. The list goes on.

I don't think that women populated the earth first. But if they did... why would men have evolved in the first place. Maybe... because they are the next step in evolution...?

Honestly, I think that the sexes are equal. Of course they should be treated equal. But if you want to post crap about women being superior, I think I can pretty much crush you at will with FACTS.


How many women think women are superior to men?

the site below has information stated that woman might be superior to men!



bob c

welcome recent posters - i had suspected you were among my readers


You and anyone who agrees to this crap is a dumbass.

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