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Sunday, January 30, 2005



in this post you've said (better than i could) the things i've been feeling.


Benjy (groovythpstr)

Wow, your post has left me speechless, at least for now. Looking forward to hanging out with you this week!


Great to see such fire. I am reminded of the accoutrements wind up spitting sparks nun I own.
UK Hooligans. Yes.
I am not so sure we are stuggling down much the same path though. More stuggling down less the same path.

Tammy Jo

Oh my! YOU said it so well! I love this post Bob! and am sorry i wont see you in SD this year. Blog on my brother!


I'll thank you to ask the next time before you take a picture of my front yard...

Nice one.


thanks bob. i found this a helpful survey....and i too am ready for some 'gloves-off' conversations. if you think the brits are hooligans, you should see the aussies in action :) peace.


thanks for this-- it was the parade and the sacrifices being made for it that I had reservations about but I couldn't articulate it. Great Dwarf-SW-SFA garden pic. that'll stick in my head i think!

ron cole

Great thoughts...you've hit the nail dead center...and love your hope for the bus ride. Let's all get on board for that ride.


can I be Grumpy?


nice post bob... what makes you so sure maggi isn't a hooligan like the rest of us brits :-) ?

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