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Monday, January 10, 2005


D. Goodmanson

I can't make it but will there be recordings of the diff't events?

dave paisley

Well I'll be there - first timer that I will be. And now we have a guaranteed Jen Lemen too (thanks to Lemenaid).

Benjy (groovythpstr)

Hey, looking forward to my 3rd year in a row hanging out with great people like yourself. Who else will be blogging besides us? I think desertpastor will be as well.


i second tony's nomination! great post!
looking forward to seeing you there and hovering around the wifi with you!
no need for rv parking in the convention center in san diego....we'll have to find alternative seating in the smaller venues!
see you there! lilly


Bob, I was starting to think that you had lost your edge, that you had been reduced to "12-Day-of-Christmas picture shares." But this post has reconfirmed my faith in humanity. I hereby nominate you for a Golden Globe.


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