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Wednesday, September 29, 2004



Excellent. Started me on a spin of my own. I quoted this entry extensively. Hope you don't mind.

Why Do You Blog?


wow- incredible post. incredible.


man bob, that post is as good as phyllis tickle's forward - you have an amazing way with audacious words! thank you for the work you've done putting the tour together, for honoring renee and her story, including my blog along the way and for making it possible for renee's book to find an audience far greater than youth pastors and yac fans - although it will be a great and wonderful thing if they read it too.

Lisa Carlton

Amazing post, Bob...very moving, so honest. Kudos to all who worked to make sure this story was not kept "quiet".


an amazing post! for an amazing book! let's keep telling and writing audacious stories! and lets keep being audacious people of god,
thanks bob and thanks renee. (and ys)
it was and is an honor to be a part of this journey.


um. yeah. big tears. here at my desk.
thank you, bob.


bob, this is wonderful. your post has a pungeant beauty to it that is worthy of the book: several layers deeper than many are willing to go, honest-but-way-gentle, and unflinchingly moving forward.

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