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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Pat Loughery

I will cover June 3, 6am-7am Pacific Time before Adriene.

Jay V

I'll do 10 to midnight tonight (the 1st).

Lisa Carlton

Looks like June 1 is full until 10 pm Eastern, June 2 is open after 7 pm Eastern, June 3 is open except for 10-11 am Eastern.

Happy Praying!


I can't tell what's needed, can you? I'm open and willing and would love to! What a fabulous idea!


I will pray June 2 from 3-4pm pacific time

Adriene Buffington

I will pray June 3 7-8am Pacific (10-11Eastern)
Grace and Peace and Wisdom to you all

Dana Ames

June 2, 5-6 a.m. Pacific (8-9 a.m. Eastern)

God bless you all.

jen lemen

this is such a huge blessing. i want to cry!
thank you so, so much!

mary frances

Sign me up on June 2nd from 1pm-2pm.


on june 2 i'll follow lisa now that is in eastern time....so let me think...it really should be 1-2 pm eastern and that would be 10-11 pacific...
thanks for doing this bob ! you do RoCK! lil


I'll take June 2, 4-6 am EST. May God bless this movement greatly.

Pamela Leonard

I'll take June 1, 9 - 10 pm CST. Go ladies!!!!!


Karen J.

I'll take June 1 from 8-9 pm.

Sarah Dylan Breuer


You way, totally, way, totally, way, like, way WAY rock.

That's the highest compliment that can be bestowed by a gal who grew up in SoCal in the 80's. :)

Seriously, many, many thanks for the prayers. It means more than I know how to say at the moment to be receiving prayers for who I am, as a woman and as a leader in Christ's church.




I'll be in air for a few hours on June 1st and would love to devote a few hours of prayer during that time. Specifically, 6:00 - 8:00 June 1.

mark oestreicher

i'll take June 2, 7 - 8am pacific time (right after chris!)

Chris (DesertPastor)

I'll pray on June 2nd, from 6-7am (PDT).

Lisa Carlton

I can do June 2 from 9-10 am PST.


I'll be driving home from Idaho to Chehalis, WA for 10 hrs on June 1st, so I will be praying on and off the entire day for the event. But specifically I'll cover from 6-8pm June 1st (EST).

Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

I'll be praying for the gathering on June 1 from 7 - 8am PST. I wish I could be there in person but my heart will be there in spirit.


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