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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Revd Peter Ratcliff

CH Spurgeon "All of Grace". A very clear book that explains exactly what a Christian is and how to get saved. Glorifies God.

JC Ryle "Holiness". Gives the true view of the Christian life. Very encouraging especially when there are so many strange ideas around today.

Dr Peter Masters. "The Lord's Prayer." A great help to our prayers in a biblical way following the Lord's pattern.


10 books?

I'd definitely include some of the books mentioned above:

A New Kind of Christian, by McLaren
(the sequel's good too!)

Traveling Mercies, by Lamott.

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia, by Lewis.

I'd add:

Wishful Thinking, by Frederick Buechner.

Three Gospels, by Reynolds Price.

At the Corner of East and Now, by Frederica Matthews-Green.

the Real Live Preacher's book, when it comes out.

The Book of the New Sun, by Gene Wolfe.

The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoyevsky.

aaand Resurrection, by Rowan Williams.


i'm reading "finding faith" by brian mclaren and think it would help someone just approaching faith to find a balanced (broad) approach and start off on the right foot... knowing the difference between "good" faith and "bad" faith.

nobody mentioned "New Kind of Christian" which i think would be an excellent resource for understanding Christianity in our current context.

i made up a list of resource for engaging the postmodern/emerging church conversation as starting points for the conference i'm speaking at next week. might find some other useful books there (http://www.myfourwalls.net/pomoresources.html)


Lewis is good "Mere Christianity"


I like "Enter the Worship Circle" from Relevant books. I like the non-scripture way that it comes at worship. It isn't a classic like some of the others, but for "art" types it is a good read and introduces people to worship in a non-traditional way


Brennan Manning -- "Ragamuffin Gospel", "Abba's Child"
Kathleen Norris -- "Amazing Grace", "Cloister Walk"
Marcus Borg --"The God We Never Knew", "Reading The Bible Again", "Meeting Jesus Again..."
The Church's Teaching Series (Any of the series and any book in any series)


I'm reading a book that's having a great impact on my life and faith: "Hearing God" - Dallas Willard

Hugo Schwyzer

John Howard Yoder: "The Politics of Jesus"
C.S. Lewis: "The Great Divorce"
Stanley Hauerwas: "Resident Aliens"


This list probably looks a bit odd. Please realize that for forty-some years, I was unchurched, and Christianity didn't make sense. I only recently came to the Episcopal Church, and am still reconcile my theology with my experience of God. I'm also really liberal, so this list isn't balanced at all.

Marcus Borg - The God We Never Knew, Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time

Huston Smith - The World's Religions, Why Religion Matters

Kathleen Norris - Amazing Grace

C.S. Lewis - Mere Christianity (I didn't like Lewis's writing style, but this is where I started.)

I'm looking forward to the other suggestions, except that they'll give me even MORE books to read.



Good News of Jesus: Reintroducing the Gospel
by Louis William Countryman

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris

Traveling Mercies : Some Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott


Umm...Merton is a good place to start. I like "New Seeds of Contemplation."

Um...Kathleen Norris, "Amazing Grace" is good too.

SOmething a little more traditional: Bonhoeffer's "Life Together" or Foster's "Celebration of Discipline."


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