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Sunday, November 30, 2003



I just want to affirm, 100%, about your note that it is God that seeks out. What a wonderful truth to contemplate on day one of Advent. I used my day one to go through my new years worth of Daytimer pages and insert the scripture reading references from now through Lent. This way, I always have the readings at the ready. This is not because I am so spiritual but precisely because I am quite human enough to need the reminders.



way to go... i've often wanted to make a video loop of this homecoming at an airport - maybe i will! i have belatedly joined in the grid::brand but not sure if i'll catch up on the advent one. is it just today or any time in advent? and who else is doing it? do you know?...


Amen. Thank you for providing a place in the blogosphere where I feel I can wait safely and anticipatingly. I come here daily.

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